Tourist Destinations, Attractions and Wildlife Parks in Rwanda

Mention Rwanda to anybody with a little measure of geopolitical heart, and that person will undoubtedly recall images of the terrible genocide that brutalized this tiny nation in 1994. Anyway, since those dark days an extraordinary transformation has been wrought and today the nation is one of tribal unity, political stability, and a promising future.

Tourism is once again the main contributor to the economy and the industry’s brightest star is the opportunity to track rare and endangered mountain gorillas through bamboo forests in the shadow of the Virunga volcanoes. These conical mountains are covered in equatorial jungles and helped earn Rwanda the merited moniker of ‘Le Pays des Mille Collines’ (Land of a Thousand Hills).

Thus, while Rwanda’s scars may run deep, this is the ideal opportunity to help the country look to its future and embrace its new-found optimism.

gorilla volcanoes rwanda

Volcanoes National Park

Explore and Learn more about the Volcanoes National Park areas of interest, tourist activities in the park, history & other relevant travel information


Nyungwe Forest National Park

Explore Nyungwe Forest National park the home to 13 species of primates including Chimpanzees, over 300 bird species, 200 species of tree and shrub


Akagera National Park

The Park is located at a relatively low altitude in eastern Rwanda along the Tanzanian border, the park could barely be more different in mood to the breezy cultivated hills…


Kigali Genocide Memorial Center

In the period of 100 days, approximately one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were systematically killed by the Interahamwe in the most savage genocides ever.

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