Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre

In the period of 100 days, approximately one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were systematically killed by the Interahamwe in the most savage genocides ever. This genocide memorial honors the 250,000 people buried here in mass graves and tries to clarify how it was that the world watched as the genocide unfolded in this small, landlocked nation.

The informative audio visit (US$15) includes background on the divisive colonial experience in Rwanda and as the tour continues, the exhibits become steadily more powerful, as you are confronted with the criminal acts that occurred here and moving video testimony from survivors. In the event that you have remained impassionate until this point, you’ll find that it will all catch up with you at the section that remembers the children who fall victim to the killers’ machetes. Life-size photographs are accompanied by intimate details about their most favorite toys, their last words and the manner in which they were killed.

The memorial ends with sections on the refugee crisis in the consequence of the genocide and seeks for justice through the international tribunal in Arusha and the local Gacaca courts (traditional tribunals headed by village elders).

Upstairs is a moving section dedicated to informing guests about different genocides that have occurred around the world and helps set Rwanda’s nightmare in a historical context. The Kigali Memorial Center is found in the northern Kisozi district of the capital, which is a short taxi ride from the center (RFr4000). You can also visit this genocide memorial center as a part of a Rwanda Development Board (RDB) City Tour.

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