5 Destinations To Consider On Your Gorilla Safari Itinerary

Must-Visits During Your Uganda Gorilla Safari

Gorilla trekking is the leading tourism activity in Uganda, regardless of the time of the year, whether it is raining or shining, your gorilla trekking experience will still remain amazing. Whether you are considering Bwindi impenetrable forest national park or Mgahinga gorilla national park; you have more than 95% chances of seeing mountain gorillas on any given day.

These two national parks can be accessed via local flights through Kisoro. From this airstrip, you can transfer to any of the two national parks via an Adventure Motorcycle or a safari car transfer. However, besides gorilla trekking, we have compiled for you a list of 5 destinations to include on your gorilla trekking itinerary in Uganda.

Top 5 Uganda Destinations To Include in Your Gorilla Trekking Itinerary

Whether you are working on a ten-day gorilla trekking safari, or 8 days Uganda gorilla trekking and wildlife safari; Below are five destinations to consider in your Uganda gorilla trekking itinerary;

Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale forest national park is the leading chimpanzee trekking destination in Uganda. Along with gorilla trekking in Uganda, you can double up for a primate safari in Uganda by including chimpanzee tracking on your gorilla safari itinerary. The beauty with Kibale forest national park is its proximity to other national parks such as Semuliki national park, Rwenzori mountains national park, and Queen Elizabeth national park.

The park offers some of the best forest nature walks in Uganda. On a lucky day, you can spot some non-habituated chimpanzees during the nature walk. However, chances are; they will run away just before you get a clear gaze. It is for the same reason silence is paramount during forest nature walks.

Semuliki Valley National Park

There are mainly two or three things to choose from in Semuliki valley national park; Bambuti cultural experience, Hotsprings, and nature walks. You can visit this park after a morning chimpanzee tracking safari in Kibale forest national park. However, if you are considering a full-day exploration of the park; game drives, Chimpanzee tracking, and swamp adventures

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Sipi falls is Uganda’s most popular hiking destination. However, anyone in the western region of Uganda would not necessarily have to transfer to Sipi falls in eastern Uganda for a hike. Rwenzori mountains offer some of the best hiking experiences in Uganda.

Rwenzori mountains are also the leading mountaineering destination in Uganda. You can include Rwenzori mountain hiking, community tours, and bird watching on your gorilla safari itinerary in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Besides Lake Mburo national park, Queen Elizabeth national park is the most recommended western Uganda national park for game drives. The park is mainly known for the tree-climbing lions in the Ishasha sector.  Other wildlife to spot during your game drive in Queen Elizabeth national park includes; Impalas, Buffaloes, Hyenas, Leopards, among several other indigenous wildlife in Uganda.

The park also offers a boat cruise on the Kazinga channel which offers opportunities to spot hippos on the stream banks. The park is also a bird haven offering an opportunity to spot a number of birds ranging from herons, egrets, hornbills among several other bird species.

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyoyi is the best hide-out after gorilla trekking in either of the gorilla parks in Uganda. The highland offers marvelous views of the Islands on Lake Bunyonyi. Besides the marvelous views of the lake, it offers canoeing and ziplining. Community tours are also some of the other related touristic activities.

Sometimes Lake Bunyonyi is sometimes fully booked because of its popularity. For this reason, we recommend lake Mutanda in case you fail to secure a slot at any of the Lake Bunyonyi resorts.