Best Adventure Destinations in East Africa

East Africa is home to some of the world’s biggest natural wonders starting from the Ngorongoro conservation are where you will find the largest caldera in the world, the mount Kilimanjaro the highest free standing mountain in the world, Volcanoes national Park in Rwanda which is the Africa’s oldest national park, the Bwindi Impenetrable forest in Uganda famous for being home to almost half of the world’s remaining population of rare and endangered mountain gorillas. With African Jungle Adventures ltd you can visit all of these African natural wonders from the gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda to the amazing wildlife in Maasai Mara or Ngorongoro Game Reserve.

Here are some of the best and interesting adventure destinations in East Africa

Serengeti National Park

The park is found in the northern part of the Tanzania and it’s known for being the starting point of the world’s great natural wonder, the great wildebeest migration where the herds of about two millions of wildebeest, zabras, eland, and gazelle move northward through Serengeti National Park and cross the Mara Rive to Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya in search for the green pasture. The migration always happen in July and September and returns in October through November.

Masai Mara National Reserve

This reserve is found the southwestern part of Kenya and seated on 583 square miles, the reserve is mostly known for its year round games which roam in the vast plains of the reserve. Among the wild animals the tourists can spot while on the game drive in this game reserve include; over a million wildebeest, antelopes and other zebras that form the wildebeest migration. Other mammals the tourists to Masai Mara National Reserve can spot include; hippos, leopards, the rare and endangered black rhinos as well as the crocodiles in the Mara River.

Bwindi impenetrable National Park

The park is found in the impenetrable rainforest of Bwindi a 25,000+ year old rainforest found in the southwestern part of Uganda at the edge of the rift valley. This impenetrable jungle is home to 400 know species of flora and visitors to this park always come to get a chance to visit the rare and endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat because the part is home to almost half of the remaining population of these primates in the world. The park is also home to over 120 species of mammals, 348 different species of birds the thing which makes Bwindi National Park a bird lover’s paradise.

Amboseli National Park

The park is found in the northern part of Kenya and it’s mostly known for its largest herds of elephants and also the perfect place to explore the masai culture. In addition to all those the park offers the perfect view of the Mount Kilimanjaro the world’s highest free standing mountain. The park got its name from the Masai language which means “salty dust”. And among the different wildlife safari goes can spot in this park include; buffaloes, elephants, hippos and a variety of water birds like pelicans and Egyptian goose among others.

Kidepo Valley National Park

The park is the remotest among the national park in Uganda found in the far northeastern part of the country around 410km from Kampala the capital of Uganda. Despite of the long distance you will travel to visit this park, a trip to Kidepo National Park is an amazing destination and you will never get bored in this park due to the fact that the park is home to over 75 different species of mammals including; black backed jackal, bat eared fox, caracal, African hunting dog, cheetah, lions, leopards among others. The park still is home to over 470 species of birds including; Ostrich, Dark chanting goshawk, Little bee-eater, Kori bustard, Red-and-yellow barbet and many others.

Murchison Falls National Park

The park is found in the north western part of the country, about 300km from Kampala the capital of Uganda. The park is bisected by the Victoria Nile, and it’s known for being the oldest conservation area in Uganda since 1926. The park has landed to the list of the best adventure destination in East Africa because of the interesting attractions and activities you can enjoy there. The park is home to over 415 species of birds, 76 species of mammals as well as Nile crocodiles.

The game drive in Murchison Falls National Park rewards you with different wild animals and water loving birds. There is also boat cruise to the bottom of the falls and even there is a hike to the top of the falls.