Complete guide for solo Travel in Africa

At the long last after thinking about different travel ideas, you choose you to travel alone to Africa. And now you in the preparation for taking a safari to a solo travel to Africa and the last thing puzzling you now is how you will start to plan your African safari. But this travel guide is going to give you detailed information of what you need to travel to Africa.

This article will make you stress free if you planning to visit Africa;


You should make sure that you passport is up to date like still valid for more than 6 months because most countries offers visa for 60 days these are 2months, so 6 months will be enough for your trip and even your passport should have enough black pages because on your trip will get new stamps and visas because some countries have visas which can fill a full page of passport


Depending on the country you planning to visit you may or may not need a visa and if you need one still you have to apply online in advance like 2 weeks before. There are some countries offering visa on arrival but still you will have to fill the visa form online and then wait when you arrive in the country and pay in cash at the airport on your arrival. Also depending on the relationship between your country and the country you’re planning to explore, there are some countries you can visit when not need to pay for any visa and when you reach at the airport, they will just stamp in your passport and you enter the country. So before you leave home do some research and see whether you need to pay for visa or not.


Knowing how you will manage and transport your money on the trip is another important thing to think of. In most cases the first step is to contact your back before you leave your home country and inform them that you will need to use your credit card or ATM card abroad so that you can be able to use your ATM freely.

It’s known internationally that the ATMs give the best rates and they are conveniently available at all international airports worldwide. But most banks charge something like 10$ on every withdraw you do abroad on ATM. I know you can’t move with large sum of money meaning your visa card will be very useful to you. And in case you traveled with some cash from home, still you will need to exchange it to local currency. We recommend that you go and get forex exchange in Banks because there you will be sure that you will not get fake money despite of the law rate they offer. These forex exchange kiosks tend to offer good rates but there is no guarantee that all the money you will get is okay. There are high chances of getting fake money since you will be new in the country and don’t know you will differentiate between the real and fake money.

Planning a solo trip

In case it’s your first time to travel to that African country, and let’s say you been too busy and you didn’t get enough time to make enough research about the country you travelling to, we would recommend that at least you think of getting a tour company to help you organize your safari for you.

In Africa it’s very easy to get a tour company to help you handle your trip, just a few clicks on your computer or smart phone you can get thousands of tour companies ready to help you. These people are helpful because you will not need to do any research and just wait for the D Day to reach and fly into the country just reaching at the airport when your tour guide is already there waiting to take you through the country.

And if you have a tight budget, there you have no option only to make some detailed research about traveling to Africa and then opt for self-drive safari where you will need to hire a 4×4 safari vehicle and then drive your own adventure throughout Africa. There are so many car rental companies who are willing to give you and drive your safari to anywhere in the African continent

Deciding Accommodation

Hotels vs Hostels vs Airbnb
Hostels are kind of shared lodging facilities where tourists can rent a bed; they are budget friendly and mostly located in the city centers. They also have a kitchen where you can cook your own food and in house bar. Staying in hostels while you on your safari, there is high chances that you will meet more travelers and even participating in group activities and even chances of making more friends.

These are an establishment that provides paid lodgings to travelers on short term basis. They are appearing to be expensive but the prices always depend on the destination where it is. Booking a hotel direct from their website can be even cheaper than going through a travel agent.