A Uganda and Rwanda Adventure Safari with Car Hire Uganda

prado-landcruiserIf you’re searching for the good and dependable Car Hire Company in Uganda with a good economical car fleet in good conditions with Air condition and reliable 24hour road assistance, Uganda Car Hire should be on the top list as it has been in the service for over five years and surely they have a good experience and worth to be trusted.

Renting a car for self-drive in Africa is not easy, but I have found out that in some African countries that have experienced globalization and quick development in technology, there are several travel companies that offer car renting services. In my travel plan to explore the great east African countries I searched on the internet for a good and dependable travel company in Uganda that could rent cars and I come across a website www.rentalcarsuganda.com which hired me a vehicle I used on my Great East African Adventure.

Renting a vehicle in Uganda is much more easily compared to Rwanda on the grounds that I wanted to start my adventure from Rwanda and end in Uganda however renting a vehicle in Rwanda was so expensive and choose to start from Uganda where I got a vehicle at an affordable price.

Uganda Car Hire, the travel company I used offered me the choice of crossing the vehicle from Uganda to Rwanda at an additional cost of USD 200 to meet the cost of the driver and fuel to return the car back to Kampala because my trip was to end in Kigali Rwanda yet the car I hired it in Uganda.

Renting a vehicle in Uganda is easy and cheap, as they charge USD 50 if you’re to use it in only Uganda and if it is to cross to Rwanda USD 70 and truly this was cheap compared to Rwandan Car Hire agency that was charging USD 80 if you’re to use it in Rwanda only and if you’re to cross to Uganda they were charging USD 100. From my travel experience now I would want to share with you for those wish to have a car hire service in Africa.

Had a wonderful experience with Uganda Car Hire in Kampala Uganda, Our arrangements changed at last time and Alex was recommended to us as a knowledgeable, experienced, safe, and fun tour guide through our new arrangement to travel through Uganda. Alex was really amazing, taking us to sites and also arranging the best hotels and astonishing places for dinner. He gave us options for scenic routes, which we took sometimes, as opposed to the quicker highways, during the drive to Bwindi Forest for the amazing safari experience that my friends who had visited Uganda before told me and this inspired me also to have Uganda safari.

In Uganda, the longest journey we had was from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, where I enjoyed gorilla trekking and then the next day connecting Queen Elizabeth National Park for a brief en-route game drive to Kibale Forest National park for the chimpanzee tracking.

The next day we crossed the border and entered Rwanda where we visited the genocide memorial centers and Kigali National Museum and then Alex transferred me to the airport for my departure flight. Uganda Car Hire is truly organized and worth to use for car rental and lodge booking in Uganda and I was surprised because they even work in Rwanda. They choose me a knowledgeable guide and I thank the company for the great service they offered to me.