The Sebei Culture in Uganda

The Sebei is among the various Uganda cultures that collect from the count of 65 tribal groups forming Uganda as a perfect destination for the lucrative cultural safaris. Coming as the second of its kind, the Sebei Culture Festival will take place from eleventh – fourteenth November 2015.

The Event’s Organizing Committee Chairperson Mr. Kalifani Chemutai recognizes the occurrence of the festival and notes that even the president has been invited alongside the Deputy President of Kenya William Ruto. The Sebei Cultural Festival aims at promoting the culture of the Sebei people in the east of Uganda whose traditions are impressive and can attract more tourists in the country.

The event unites the participants from a local and international scene that joins one another to jubilate the Sebei culture and alongside cross-cultural interaction which makes it important even for the tourists on Uganda safaris.

This takes after the similar festival which was the first of its kind among the Sebei held on the 29th December 2014 which showcased the general culture and norms of the Sebei people conducted at Kakwai Sabiny cultural center in the Kapchorwa district.

The Sebei Culture is extraordinary and less explored with most of the people knowing them for their Female Genital Mutilation. The Sabiny people show a rich, impressive and surprising cultural values and traditions. They are amazingly re-known hunters and keen farmers who do different things to enhance their lives.

The Sebei people used to rehearse the female genital mutilation in the past however the practice is gradually eliminating as it was viewed as cruel. Their marathon competency has earned them recognition at the national level as well as an International scale. They feature considerable food alongside their preparation, the Sebei regalia, the amazing traditional medicine, and their remarkable lifestyle.

The Sebei has presented people of national centrality including the Stephen Kiprotich an International gold medalist, the Stephen Chebrot Transport Minister in the Uganda government among different notables.

The prospective Sebei Cultural Day which will be the second of its kind is foreseen to bring the best of the Sebei allowing the local people and the guests including those on Uganda safaris to explore the Sebei culture in details.