Gorilla Trekking Permit in Uganda 30% to be Forfeited – Gorilla News

Booking a gorilla permit in Uganda have been on tag of war as the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) and the Uganda tour operators each wishes to fulfill there dreams. Uganda Wildlife Authority needed to revamp its gorilla trekking permits reservations guidelines and procedures set in 2006 that had slackened.

Uganda Wildlife Authority has expressed that all gorilla trekking permits must be booked through UWA reservations Office in Kampala. The cost for a gorilla permit in Uganda is $ 600 for every permit and this was successful 1 January 2014. All Uganda gorilla permits must be paid in full upon purchase however may be 30% is accepted for Uganda Tour operators 91 days before the trekking date. All gorilla trekking permits bought before first January 2014 shall remain with there face value of $ 500. Discounted gorilla permits will stay as proclaimed before.

If one wishes to book a gorilla permits two years ahead of time at least 30% of the price of the permit ($180) is granted. Late top up of the 70% is not allowed however may be revised after seven days after consulting Uganda Wildlife Authority. If allowed, it will attract an extra charge of 20% and the deposit forfeited.

Each Tour and Travel Company is authorized up to 20 gorilla permits in advance for a specific month on the day the booking opens. Gorilla permits are open for buy to every one however must be purchased directly from Uganda Wildlife Authority reservations office in Kampala.