The Top 3 Reasons Why Travelers Hire Travel Agents

There are still Travel Agents? Why might any tourist need a Travel Agent/Consultant? Doesn’t every tourist simply book their travel online?

I know, the title of this article is Reasons WHY tourists hire Travel Agents; but I get asked the above questions SO many times, it worth putting them out there for you to think while I give you the reason to hire me.

I also want to bring up the difference between yesterday’s Travel Agents and today’s Travel Consultants. A Travel Agent used to sit in an office with the major goal of booking aircraft tickets. They were really “agents” to the airlines, serving more as a request taker than anything else. Today, most travelers book their own airline tickets, and use Travel Consultants to help them choose the best travel destinations and get advice about the particular destination, tour or cruise lines. Today’s Travel Consultant works for their clients, not for the travel suppliers/airlines, by settling on choices and offering advice on what’s most appropriate for their clients.

1: I want to know I’ll be taken care of!

When you go to somebody to have your taxes done every year, you’re paying somebody to deal with that errand for you. Same with your oil changes, your lawn service or your website design. These are all assignments you COULD do yourself, with ample time, research and energy, yet frequently you choose to let an expert handle the errand, so you can have confidence that it’s being done well and properly. You expect that these tasks will be taken care of conveniently, in view of your best advantage, so you choose somebody you trust to deal with you. You like having an expert to ask questions of, watching out for you and taking care of your needs.

traveler-checksIt is the main reason why most tourists use travel agents. They need their tours / safaris planned by an expert who works for Then, that has their best interest at heart, that’s there to answer all their questions and to help if something goes astray. That is precisely what we do for my clients. Our main aim is to see that you enjoying and having the best experience on your safari/holiday.

2: Too much information to sort through!

The web is an amazing tool and one that I use each and every day, both for work and pleasure. It does, although, have its drawbacks, and one of them is too much information. When someone chooses to book their family excursion online, they begin, honestly, the same way I do…researching. Following several nights of looking at various destinations, resorts, cruise lines and options, they regularly get to be overpowered with the amount of choices out there and wind up saying… “I NEED HELP!” When we need assistance, the best practice is to search for an expert; in whatever field we heed the assistance.

Travel is the same. This is my calling, what I do every day and in spite of the fact that I’ll never be able to say I’ve seen it, done it and been there, to every destination, I have admittance to resources that give me dependable information I don’t have firsthand. I also arrange tours every day, not simply once a year or at every few years. My experience, education and dependable resources make me proficient in my field and worth hiring when you need assistance in planning your vacation.

3: Not enough time to plan a vacation!

“I would like to go on a holiday, but the fact I don’t even have time to plan one!” I’ve heard that several times from planned clients. My major job is to take that errand out of your schedule, and get an excursion that suits your needs and wishes so that you should do nothing more than packing your bags. It does take a lot of time and effort to organize a holiday particularly when many people are involved or many travel destinations are on the schedule. I listen to my customers’ requests, look into your desires, time schedules and budget, and try to suggest a best vacation that works for you. I do all the arrangements, all the researching and all the booking so you don’t need to. An expert Travel Consultant has all the time necessary to arrange and reserve the excursion you need!

My client base is different and varied; families, groups, lovers, and people that travel once or twice a year, several times a month and some that only travel every few years. I have clients that book different trips semi-yearly, some that book the same excursion every year, some that book only their airline tickets with me and some that call me just for convoluted itineraries. The reasons that they need my service are usually one of the main three reasons ANYONE hires an expert travel agent of any kind. Call me, I can offer assistance!