Tips to Follow before Hiring a Car for Self Drive in Uganda

hard-topHiring a car in Uganda for self-drive is the best way to get around when exploring Uganda. Self-Drive gives you the authority to travel anywhere you need and it implies that you don’t need to depend on the Ugandan stressful public transport framework which can be very unreliable. If you choose to hire a car in Uganda for self-drive, make sure you follow some of these basic self-drive car hire tips.

Always make sure you book your car well in advance to keep away from disappointment. It is additionally a smart idea to affirm your car booking a couple of days before departure. This gives you the chance to ask about possible free updates or discounted rates.

Consider how long you will need to stay with your hired care in Uganda. Sometimes booking a car for many days like a week or months, the rates are much cheaper than daily booking rates. If you hired a car for over five days make sure to do a comparison.

Consider who will be driving. Uganda is extremely spread out and if you are going to be traveling long distances in your hired car it may be worth adding another driver onto your car hire agreement to share the driving with you.

Consider the type of car you need. In Uganda a lot of cars for hire are both automatic and manual transmission, there are also those with 4×4 and 2×4 wheel drive, so everyone who is planning to a hire car in Uganda for self-drive makes sure you specify the type of car you need according to where your want to travel. Additionally, look into that Uganda has a fairly warm and sunny climate in some months of the year, consider whether you will need an air-conditioned vehicle.

You should additionally keep in mind what extras you will need in your car, for example, the number of seats or rooftop racks. It can also be difficult in finding your way around Uganda. If you plan to drive your self-drive hired car around the country, you’re advised to ask for a GPS included in your car hire agreement.

Remember that you will need to pay for the fuel and this must be calculated into the expense of your hired car. Fuel in Uganda is more expensive compared to different neighboring countries like Kenya, Rwanda, and others and if you want to save money, you’re advised to hire with low fuel consumption. If your hired car comes with a full tank of fuel you’re supposed to return it with a full tank to avoid extra charges.

Always verify you have the right insurance for your hired vehicle. When you collect your hired car, you’re advised to check with the car hire company or your own insurance agent to verify you are secured not just for accidents or breakdowns of the vehicle but also for break-ins or theft of the vehicle.

When you are driving around Uganda make sure you know the rules of the road. In Uganda, you drive on the left side of the road and most of the cars in Uganda are of right-hand drive. The general rule is ‘keep left, pass right’.

There are several classes of cars for hire in Uganda, for example, luxury self-drive cars where you will use camper vans that have everything in the car or they booked for lodges that suit their class and even 4×4 luxury vehicles like GX Land Cruisers and for a budget self-drive where you will use cars like 4×4 Rav4 and Suv that are economical in nature.