Gorilla Trekking the most amazing Experience in Uganda

uganda-mountain-gorillasFor vacationers to visit mountain gorillas in Uganda, they need a hard trip up to the slopes and go through the impenetrable jungle. In any case, this amazing and interesting adventurous experience attracts thousands of tourists from different parts of the world and also fetches a lot of foreign exchange to the Ugandan government.

These rare and endangered species of primates are found in the Bwindi Forest National park and it may take up to 4 -7 hours to hike in the mountains, strolling through muds and streams and as well as the thick jungle.

Falling down and panting like dogs is not uncommon for tourists as they move up and down searching for mountain gorillas. After finding them, the visitors have a break as they are allowed a maximum of one hour to stay with the gorillas and watch them as they do their daily activities and taking as many photos as you want. But you should remember that Flash Photographing is strictly prohibited.

After trekking mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest that normally live in groups/families, the tourists return but this time with muddy shoes and clothes.

And that is when it does not rain.
On the other hand, everybody is smiling and mostly taking photos. Dirty shoes get to be another attraction for the photos and no one is complaining.

“I lost the sole of my shoes however it was truly astounding… … It’s an amazing adventure,” says Mr. Patrick a tourist from Austria, 20, and the youngest in the group.

Trekking mountain gorillas in the thick jungle of Bwindi is the most expensive adventure attractions Uganda. Contrary to enter the Queen Elizabeth National Park for wildlife watching that cost $ 40 each day to watch wildlife for example; like hippos, elephants, lions and kobs among others, trekking gorillas alone costs $ 650 each day. Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) also offers a certificate for tourists who track gorillas successfully in Bwindi.

Same as mountain gorillas, chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park is another exciting adventure which tourists enjoy in Uganda.

Kibale hassles are almost like those of the mountain gorillas however Kibale Forest is not mountainous like Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

The chimpanzees look like gorillas however the latter are bigger and hairy. Chimpanzees are also noisy particularly when they vie for a female.

Most visitors consider chimps and mountain gorilla trekking as the country’s most amazing experiences.

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