Lake Mburo Game Park; a True African Wilderness

horseback-safaris-lake-mburoIt is difficult for somebody who has grown up near the amazing Lake Mburo Game Park to stay quiet about the amazing beauty that is just adjacent. Visitors who have toured this national park continue to gladly share stories of their experience. Actually, according to Aisha Tobola, a tour consultant at African Jungle Adventures Ltd and a regular visitor to different national parks in the country, “it is amazing places, for example, Lake Mburo National Park that have maintained Uganda’s glory as the pearl of Africa.”

Tourists to Lake Mburo National Park are amazed by an extensive list of animals, such as zebras, impala, buffaloes, and over 300 bird species. The park is also home to primates, for example, the famous but interestingly amazing olive baboons. other mammals like the aggressive buffalos, lions which are just returning to the park, Klipspringers, which magnificently pause on top of rock outcrops, day time and nighttime predators including the spooky hyenas and a decent population of great hunters, for example, the leopards and crocodiles.

“And these are just a pinch of Lake Mburo’s treasure chest in light of the fact that the national park additionally has a splendid list of species of bird, which decorate its many ecosystems. Variety of birds can be seen in the acacia trees, while others delight in the national park’s wetlands going about fishing.

Rubanga Forest is one the places in the national park where variety of bird species can be seen. Birds in their many colors and melodic tunes include the African Finfoot, Yellow Warbler, Tabora Cisticola, and the generally sought after however rarely seen Shoebill Stork, as indicated by Aisha.

Tourists to Lake Mburo National Park are also guaranteed of experiencing the real African wilderness because, as per Paul Basudde, a travel agent at African Jungle Adventures Ltd, “it is only in this park that visitors will participate in horseback safaris. These are conducted by Mihingo Eco Lodge found in the park and are doubtlessly a rewarding addition to watching African game. Unlike the disturbing sound of the safari vehicles which usually scare away some animals, the quiet horses take the visitors closer to the animals, enabling them even to see the smallest of special details in every zebra’s black and white patterns, or how the horns were mounted onto the buffalo head.”