Memorable Hike in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Uganda

uganda-gorilla-tourActually, it befell me too when I checked the plan we were to take alongside this year’s Miss Tourism contestants.

The competitors were to film part of their training camp around vacationer sites like Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

While different parks have a ton to offer in greenery, Bwindi is synonymous with the jeopardized species of mountain gorillas. The national park improved of half the planet’s populace of Gorillas (about 400).

But that is not all about Bwindi Forest. A first-time tourist will like the delightfulness of this national park. When we drove through the Buhoma entrance at Bwindi Forest, we were struck by the piercing chills amid tall trees of over 1,000 species.

You might have heard that Bwindi Impenetrable Forest could be icy in the mornings and evenings, however when it is cold in Bwindi, it is truly cold. Our knuckles popped. We froze.

Nothing inside the vehicle could warm us up as we headed to Ruhija village, east of Bwindi forest. The village is just outside the national park bounders and is home to three gorilla family to be specific Bitukura, Oruzogo and Kyaguriro.

The way to this village is rough and almost impassable when it rains. The drive takes about two hours. It took us three hours in light of the fact that we couldn’t effortlessly go through the muddy and water-logged road as our mini-bus was not elevated enough. At whatever point we experienced a deeper water-hole and the driver labored to beat it, the young ladies might disembark from the bus, lest it rolled down the valley.

The baboons that patrol the roads seemed familiar with vehicles. When they saw our vehicle, they retreated to nearby trees and cliffs not in fear, but to give way and after, continued their road watch. The colobus monkey that seldom touches the ground recently glimpsed through the tree branches as though in acknowledgement and then resumed its leaf-eating.

As kilometres hustled under the bus, the adventure got dull since we had driven throughout the night from Murchison Falls National Park in Masindi and entered Bwindi Forest through Queen Elizabeth National Park through Ishasha Sector famous for tree climbing lions.

We were awed by the sight of fog covered slopes covered by this old diverse forest. The home settlements down the forested narrow valley and the rising Virunga volcanoes, in a haze, were such a wonder.

Our nighttime at Ruhija was not friendly enough as the wild rain sent us crouching around the main furnace at the Gorilla safari Lodge overlooking the valley forest and volcanoes, where we pitched camp for the night. The great thing is, we were all propping for the one activity you simply miss out while in this Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. We were going for gorilla trekking safari the following day.