Rushegura Gorilla Group in Bwindi Forest Uganda

Uganda is among the few countries in the world that hosts the rare and endangered mountain gorillas. Uganda shares this pride with the other two countries that is the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda. Mountain gorillas live in groups/families of 8 to 23 members and led by one male called a silverback. Among the many gorilla families in Uganda is Rushegura gorilla family. This gorilla group live in Buhoma side of Bwindi Forest National Park and from the briefing point, you have to drive a short distance to get to the starting port for gorilla trekking.

Rushegura is a local name in Rukiga language that comes from the place where the separation of this group took place. This group emerged from the large group called Habinyanja gorilla group and at the place called Rushegura where some member decided to form there own group in February 2002. We come to know that the breakaway was initiated by Mwirima who was a silverback. He left with the other 7 members. He left his calm brother Rwaysingazi who never desired trouble.

Habinyanja gorilla family was opened for tourism in that same year of 2002 and there was less need for the long process of habituation because all of the members in this new family had been already habituated under the former Habinyanja gorilla family.

As a strong determined and strong silverback, Mwirima was determined to make a large and stable family which he truly protects. Due to his great effort, by April 2010 members had added up to 19 mountain gorillas from the original 7.

The Rushegura Gorilla Family some times move and cross to the Democratic Republic of Congo and in the recent census, this group had 1 silverback, 1 blackback, 4 mature females, several youths and babies where recorded. The group is led by Mwirima and they feel secure as on many occasions he has stood for them to fight and protect them from the wild gorilla groups and other rivals.

One of the rangers said that one of the most recent and dangerous fights was when Rushegura gorilla group fought with a wild Makare Gorilla Group whom Mwirima hit tooth and nail and saved his followers. The overexcited Rushegura Gorilla Group stayed celebrating in the jungle as they fed in the area for two days.

Trekking mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda is among the most breathtaking and interesting adventure you should not miss.