Ugandan Diplomats Encouraged Developing the Tourism Industry

The prime minister noticed that Uganda’s strong regional and worldwide profile put an enormous obligation on the ministry, particularly in handling issues that are consistently growing in terms of reach and complexity. Rugunda said this as he was tending to the ambassador’s yearly conference which was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kampala, held under the theme: implementation of the second strategic Investment plan towards the realization of Vision 2040.

He likewise commended the ambassadors Annual meeting which he said allows the exchange of experience and knowledge sharing. He included that such meeting was essential in the proficient and successful discharge of duties abroad. The conference likewise constructs a retreat concluded over the weekend with the point of deepening understanding of the ministry’s strategic speculation plan 11, and how it can be executed keeping in order to realize the vision.

He likewise emphasized the vision 2040 which will depend on actions that will be attempted by government and different stakeholders through short and medium term National Development Plans. About this, he likewise addressed to and encouraged the Diplomats to help in promoting and marketing trade and tourism of Uganda since the nation has developed into a delightful tourist action that can’t be missed by the numerous tourists in the outside world.

The Uganda government is more than prepared to team up with the diplomats in the development of the tourism industry in Uganda since it will help in increasing the revenue of the nation and subsequently improvement. These annual conferences are generally held particularly to share views and perspectives on new and emerging issues in the foreign policy.

The PM additionally called the heads of missions to decidedly contribute towards actualizing the sustainable Development Goals furthermore try harder to attract more foreign direct investment. Kutesa likewise stressed on the need to proceed with mainstreaming commercial diplomacy into foreign policy work.